5 Reasons Your B2B Needs A Brand

Michael Grossman
4 min readSep 8, 2020
No matter how well your engineering stands up, it will fail if it doesn’t stand out.

Does Every Size Company Need A Brand?

Recently, the CEO of a growth-stage cleantech company told me branding and marketing wasn’t something his company needed to do because their niche was so small that they already had relationships with most of the companies in their industry. “Decisions get made on price and engineering,” he said. “Nothing else matters.”

Politely, I demurred and asked him, “Did any of your competitors go to school with these engineers? Are any of these engineers somebody’s brother-in-law? Did they work on a previous project together at another company?”

Grudging silence.

I don’t mean to single out this particular CEO for looking at a situation the way most scientists and engineers look at solving a problem. These are analytical people, and without them, humanity wouldn’t have experienced the progress it has seen. But the reality is, businesses are made up of people, and people have biases when it comes to decisions about who to buy and sell from.

Creative Storytelling Overcomes Rational Decision Making

A brand is a story; a story about your business. Your customers either buy into that story, or they won’t buy into it based on their environment, their experience, and their beliefs. Yes, it’s true: you need to solve a problem. But then what? Nobody wants to compete on price, and that’s where your brand comes in.

Brands Are 360 Degree Experiences

Often-times, I hear people confuse brand recognition with a brand. Sure, it’s nice if you’re a famous B2B brand like Intel that advertises on national television. Chance is though, you don’t have that much money, nor is your audience that broad. In a niche B2B market, think of your brand as both the exterior and interior of your home. How it’s designed and furnished will tell your audience a good deal about your product.

Confusion Is A Brand Killer

Every company has a website and other digital marketing tools on display. But what do those tools say about your company and your product? Does it align with what you’re trying to sell? If your B2B is cutting edge, but your website…



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